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Jenny Volturno

Massage Therapist/ Reiki Master


Hello! I’m Jenny and am very excited to join the Tonique’s Trilogy team in offering massage and bodywork services at the salon and spa. My career as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master began on the West Coast in 2008 after a back injury changed how I viewed not just my own body, but how I hoped to help others dealing with pain. By bringing an understanding of both Eastern and Western philosophies of bodywork, I feel my technique has a beautiful blend of both science and art bringing sense of peace to my clients. During my career, I have been fortunate and grateful to have clientele from the NFL, MLS, PGA, Nike & Dick’s Marathons, USA Olympics, Fox Sports and Specialized Bikes, among others.
Over the years, I have added advanced certifications in Sports, Trigger Point, Prenatal and Oncology Massage modalities. Currently, I am studying to become Yoga Teacher certified along with Mindful Breath-work, Chakra Clearing and Thai Massage all to be added as services this fall. I look forward to meeting you and assisting you in all of your bodywork needs.

Massge & Bodywork 

Massage Sessions-

includes any or a customized mix of the following techniques.

50 minutes- $110

80 minutes- $165


-Strategic Swedish

-Deep Tissue

-Trigger Point Therapy

-Myofascial Release



-Lymphatic Drainage


-Reiki Energy Work

-Prenatal/ Postnatal (all trimesters)*


*may require doctors release 


Massage Enhancements

-Hand Scrub w/ Hot Towels: $15

-Foot Scrub w/ Hot Towels: $15

-Aromatherapy Scalp Massage: $15

-CBD Oil: $25

-Theragun Percussion Therapy: $25

-Massage Cupping Full Body: $25

-Muscle Scraping Full Body: $25

-Aromatherapy Blend: $10

-Targeted Area Hot Stone: $15

-Targeted Area Cupping: $15

-Targeted Area Scraping: $15

Signature Massage Treatments

Tonique’s Tranquility

The pinnacle of relaxation where hot stones and CBD oil are combined in a full-body massage. Complete with aroma infused hot towels for hands, feet, & back.

80 Minutes:  $225

Pampered Prenatal/ Postnatal

(offered all trimesters of pregnancy)

The mom-to-be in your life deserves it! Our full body Prenatal Massage gets the additional treatments of aroma-infused (or unscented) hot towels and scrubs for hands and feet, as well as a nourishing scalp massage.

80 Minutes:  $225

Shoulder Resculpt

Stuck at a desk M-F and feeling tension in those neck and shoulders? Always wanting to improve your posture, but not sure where to start? This one is for you! Using a blend of therapeutic modalities, targeted hot stones, cups & scraping, we will melt that tension away. You may even feel taller! This session will focus from the hips up, detailing the areas of pain for those regulary at a computer, driving, or on their phones.

80 minute:  $225


From the Crown Down

If you have been feeling the need to reconnect, ground, and be more present, look no further. A beautiful Reiki and Chakra clearing session awaits. Energy work with the aromatherapy and crystals- all chakra specific- will help with balancing the mind, body, and spirit. To enhance the feeling of relaxation bliss, massage for the scalp, hands and feet will complete your session, leaving you refreshed and centered.

80 minute:  $225

Sports Massage

This session is for athlete in various stages of training, as well as the Weekend Warriors or anyone feeling like they cannot get a good stretch-out on their own. Combining assisted therapist/client stretching, deeper work and both Theragun Percussion and Scraping Therapies, we will elongate muscles that have been stuck from tension.

*This session is done clothed. Please come in workout-style clothing.

50 minute:  $175

80 minute:  $225


Rooted in Eastern techniques, heated bamboo of different lengths are oiled and applied to the body for deeper pressure. These longer strokes of the bamboo help break down tension andelongate tight muscles. Add our CBD oil enhancment for even more mucle benifits.

50 minute:  $135 or w/ CBD oil $160

80 minute:  $190 or w/ CBD oil $215

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